Linen Pillowcases

Luxurious 100% linen pillowcases, made from 100% ethically sourced OEKO-TEX certified natural fabric. Linen is hypoallergenic, a big plus for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Stonewashed and incredibly soft, pillowcases are arguably the most important bedding item, so make sure you buy the best. Our linen pillowcases are of the highest quality with comfort absolutely guaranteed. With a loose weave linen is highly breathable in comparison to cotton for example, so no more sweaty pillows. What’s more they will last you for years and years, and will get softer and softer with every wash whilst maintaining their shape. 

If you crave a good night's sleep, shop the best linen pillowcases in the UK now. Choose from a wide range of beautiful yet simple colours to match the rest of our bedding range, duvet covers, bedding sets and sheets. Put your head quite literally in the lap of luxury, we promise you won’t be disappointed.