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How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets

I think we can all agree that laundry is not a huge amount of fun. But I think we can also all agree that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of nice fresh clean sheets.  No pain, no gain. But how often should you change your bed sheets, and what factors influence whether you should change them more or less often.

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How Environmentally Friendly Is Linen

There’s very little dispute that climate change is a problem we must tackle now, and not just something we burden future generations with. Global temperatures are the highest they’ve been since records began. Not only that but the pace of change is now at an alarming rate. We’re not suggesting for one second that linen is the solution to global warming, far from it. But the combined impact of us all doing a little bit will add up to a lot, and the increased use of linen over other materials is one small step in the right direction to a more environmentally friendly future.

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What's The Difference Between Housewife and Oxford Pillowcases

There are two main types of pillowcases. They both have seemingly unusual names; the housewife pillowcase and the oxford pillowcase. Here we’ll explain which is which so you can impress your friends with your pillowcase prowess. The Housewife Pillowcase The housewife pillowcase is your run of the mill common or garden pillowcase. It has a neatly stitched edge and an internalised flap at the opening where the pillow is inserted to keep it in place and to keep it covered. Exactly like our linen pillowcases.  The Oxford Pillowcase The Oxford pillowcase by contrast has a fabric border around the edge of the pillowcase, typically a couple of inches wide. It is definitely the lesser spotted of the pillowcase varieties, and...

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