Mattress Covers Explained

What Is A Mattress Cover?

A mattress cover is a great addition if you’re keen to prolong the long-term lifespan of your mattress. Also sometimes referred to as a mattress protector, it is a thin water-repellent cover that protects a mattress from potential liquid spills and also helps to defend against bed bugs.

Fitting over the mattress like a fitted sheet, but under the fitted sheet, a good quality mattress cover should in no way impact on the comfort of the mattress. With most high quality modern mattresses now featuring a luxurious padded top, the days of flipping your mattress should it meet with a watery accident are gone. Not the only reason to opt for some added protection but it does certainly add incentive.

With a good quality mattress capable of lasting 10 or more years if looked after, you don’t want to curtail its potential by a head to clean up spill of coffee, tea or similar.

Why Might I Need a Mattress Cover?

Beyond the general common sense of investing in a mattress cover, here are some specific reasons as to why you might feel more compelled to do so: 

  • If you are breast feeding and perhaps also co-sleeping, the least disruption during the night the better. Feeding whilst lying down can be a godsend, but it can be a messy business.
  • Again when it comes to co-sleeping, if your little one is still in nappies, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that an overly full nappy leaks during the night creating mattress damage potential.
  • There are many people who never eat nor drink in their beds, but if that’s not you, and you’re proven to going to bed of an evening with a bottle of red wine in hand, you run the risk of a costly spill.
  • If you do a lot more than sleep in your bed, if you know what we mean, yes you can of course change the sheets regularly as indeed you should, but a mattress cover provides an extra layer of protection.
  • Mattress covers can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, as the cover can help prevent the accumulations of allergens that can aggravate such conditions.
  • If the bed or mattress in question is in a property that you rent out, on either a short-term or long-term basis, anyone sleeping in it would likely be pleased to know the mattress has been protected.

A mattress cover does not add any additional comfort above and beyond the mattress, unlike a mattress topper. But what it does do is help to ensure the existing level of comfort provided by the mattress is maintained for longer.