Linen Vs Cotton Bedsheets

Many people spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right bed, and the right mattress, but don’t give their choice of sheets the same amount of consideration. Not you of course, because you’re here reading this! Sheets are as an important a component of your overall sleep experience as your mattress and we’re not talking about what colour sheets you choose.

Common bedding materials include cotton, silk, polyester, bamboo, linen and material blends such as polycotton. Cotton is probably the most common bedding material and it is a great choice. Cotton bedding is available in a dizzying array of types and weaves or treatments.

Here we put cotton bedding head to head with linen, look at the pros and cons of both, then it’s over to you to decide what’s right for you.

Cotton Bed Sheets – The Lowdown

The use of cotton as a bedding material is almost as old as time itself. Cotton fibres are weaved into yarn which in turn is then weaved into material such as percale or sateen then made into sheets.

Cotton sheets are strong, durable, breathable and soft. Successive washing of cotton sheets tends to make them smoother still over time. Cotton sheets can be equally suitable be it summer, winter, or somewhere in between. But when it comes to durability they don’t fare well versus linen.

The lifespan of cotton sheets is probably around four years give or take, eventually cotton sheets can lose their shape as the fibres break and the fabric becomes threadbare. Whilst cotton sheets can be cheaper, the need to replace them is more frequent so it can result in a false economy.

Linen Bed Sheets – The Lowdown

Linen bedding is the environmentally friendly choice. Linen is much more durable than cotton so its longevity is far superior, four or five times that of cotton. Linen is naturally biodegradable and recyclable. The manufacturing process is low impact, fewer pesticides are used when growing flax than cotton, and less chemicals are required in the processing of the fibres.

Linen sheets also win in the comfort stakes, they are soft, and become softer over time with washing. Unlike cotton sheets, due to linen’s durability they maintain their shape. Linen also has a temperature regulating quality, helping you to keep cool at the height of summer and all snuggly in the depths of winter.

Linen has antibacterial and antiallergenic properties, it is quick drying and doesn’t allow the build-up of bacteria. This makes linen bedding an excellent choice for people with skin ailments and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Linen has a distinct and interesting look and feel versus cotton, and it will continue to look and feel amazing for years to come.