Is Linen Good For Duvet Covers?

If you’ve checked out any of our product images hopefully you’ve ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at the laid back wrinkly chillaxed and totally effortless chic of linen duvet covers. Well not just any linen duvet covers of course – our linen duvets covers. Well our linen duvet covers have a lot more going for them than just good looks. But they do look good, right?

Thanks to the amazing, almost magical, properties of pure 100% linen, linen makes for a very good duvet cover. But it’s not just duvet covers, it makes pretty damn good sheets, flat or fitted, pillowcases, the lot. Linen has a much looser weave than, say, cotton so it’s much more breathable, which believe it or not, is actually a good thing all year round. Linen is often mistakenly thought of as a summer-only material, be it for bedding or for clothing. But that’s not at all true, it really is a super choice month in and month out.

All linen duvet covers are not necessarily created equally mind you. Many linen duvet covers, that are marketed as such, are in fact not made from 100% linen but are made with a blend, most often a linen-cotton blend. Our duvet covers are made from 100% linen, pure and ethically sourced, and OEKO-TEX certified. Pure linen can be coarse in texture, however our linen duvet covers, and all our bedding products, are stone washed for softness. Starting our life as soft, they get softer then with every successive wash. European flax, grown in mainland Europe in particular is known for its high quality. Guess what? That’s where the flax that goes into our linen and bedding comes from.

100% linen bedding does come at a premium though, but in return you do absolutely get a premium product. You have to consider value, and not just price. Linen will outlast cotton, and other fabrics, several times over. On top of that linen is kinder to the environment, and kinder to you.

Linen isn’t necessarily the conventional choice, it is still the path less travelled. It’s wrinkly aesthetic, as Instagrammable as it is to some, it isn’t to everyone’s taste. But there is something remarkably liberating about not having to iron your bedding, although you can of course iron it if you like! So whilst it may still be the unconventional choice, due to the overwhelming properties of 100% linen bedding, that is changing. It is getting more popular every day, and if you ask us, it’s pretty easy to understand why.