Is Linen Good For Bedding?

If you ever think of linen sheets, it brings to mind a dreamy image of airy, breezy fabric, maybe even the most comfortable sheets ever, blowing in the breeze, hung out in a picturesque country house to dry on a clothesline. Linen sheets are very distinct, as dreamy as they sound, if you are used to sleeping on other fabrics, such as cotton.

The good news is, linen sheets are pretty sturdy, as linen is a much more resilient material than cotton. They'll soften over time with every wash, while they can feel crisp at first. Before you commit to buying linen bedding, let us persuade you, read on to learn all the ins and outs of luxury linen bedding. Which (shock horror) can cost you up to several hundred pounds. But guess what, believe us when we say the pay off in the end will be worth it.  

Linen is known for being comfortable temperature-regulating and breathable to sleep in, and although linen sheets are perfect for summer months and hot climates for this purpose, thanks to their ability to regulate temperature naturally, they are flexible for any season or climate. During the colder months, just match your linen bedding with a duvet with the appropriate tog rating.

Another wonderful thing about linen bedding is that it is practically free of lint, and hypoallergenic, and can also help prevent bacterial growth. Thanks to its inherent elasticity, linen preserves its form and doesn’t lose its shape. Compared with wool and cotton, linen is at least twice as durable.

So yes linen is good for bedding, but it’s particularly good for certain people. Hot sleepers, will appreciate the cooling benefits more than most. And by tucking into a bed of linen sheets at night, allergy and asthma sufferers will find much needed relief from symptoms. Since linen is heavier than cotton, it adds extra weight on top of you when you sleep, this has a comforting and relaxing effect on most, but that said it is not necessarily for everyone. Stone washed linen sheets like ours are soft with a beautiful soft and aged aesthetic. Stone washing includes washing them with pumice that beats against the fabric in massive drums. We are biased of course, but in our opinion, cotton and other types of bedding don’t even come clothes to the virtues of lovely luxury linen. We just happen to the home of the best 100% linen bedding in the UK!