IKEA Bed Sizes Explained

Bed sizes can be a confusing old topic to the uninitiated, they can be different in different regions or countries around the world. Given the popularity of IKEA in the UK it’s important to note that IKEA bed sizes and standard UK bed sizes are not the same.

This is not such a problem when it comes to duvet covers and flat sheets, but definitely something to be aware of when you’re purchasing fitted sheets. There’s nothing worse than a fitted sheet that doesn’t fit the mattress. A sheet that’s two small is awful, as is a sheet that’s too big. But fear not, we have your back. Below you’ll find an overview of IKEA mattress sizes. 


Measurements in CM

Measurements in Inches

IKEA Small Single

80 cm x 200 cm

2’7.5” x 6’6”

IKEA Long Single

90 cm x 200 cm

2’11.5” x 6’6”

IKEA Small Double

120 cm x 190 cm

3’11” x 6’3”

IKEA Double

140 cm  x 200 cm

4’7” x 6’6”

IKEA King Size

160 cm x 200 cm

5’3” x 6’6”

IKEA Superking Size

180 cm x 200 cm

5’11” x 6’6”


Founded in the 1940s in Sweden, it was 1987 before IKEA opened its first store in the UK in Warrington, Cheshire. Now with over 20 stores up and down the country, its popularity has remained strong for more than 30 years right up until present day.

Renowned for their flat pack furniture, their bed-related products are also very popular. Despite any preconceptions you may have, they do sell mattresses of a high standard, at least on a par with what you might find elsewhere. You’ll find they offer foam, latex as well as sprung mattresses, all available in the sizes mentioned.

You will be pleased to know however that they do also sell mattresses in standard UK sizes (single, double, king and superking).

Once you’re all set with your new IKEA bed, be sure to pop and finish it off with an Auden Home duvet set!