Hotel Bed Linen - What Is It?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of jumping onto a billowy cloud of a bed in a top-class 5-star hotel. It is certainly one of the best, if not the best part of a break away in a luxuriant hotel. But what are all the tips and tricks hotels unleash on us to make us fall so deeply in love with their beds?

Well, obviously the whole of the hotel bed is greater than the sum of its parts, with the parts being the pillows, the mattress, the bed frame or base and of course the bedding. It will no doubt come as a shock that we’re going to focus here on the bedding aspect.

So what bedding do hotels most often us? Luxury hotel bedding is almost always cotton, specifically high quality cotton, like Egyptian cotton for example. We’re talking 100% pure cotton, not some cheap and nasty polycotton mix that turns you into a sweaty mess within 30 minutes under the covers. 100% cotton is quite breathable, particularly in the 300-thread-count territory which is what hotels usually opt for. Lower than say 200, and the quality would perhaps be questionable. But when the thread-count is much higher than 300 it can actually feel heavy and can affect comfort and breathability and ultimately sleep quality.

Ok so that’s the material and the thread-count sorted, what about colour? Although it might seem counter-intuitive more often than not, hotel bedding is plain white, and there are a number of reasons for that – both practical and psychological.

Clean crisp bedding is just pleasing to the eye right? Clean, crisp and pristine, just like a crisp brilliant white tablecloth or napkin, or a clean crisp dazzling white shirt or blouse. Simply put it’s just please to the eye.

White goes with everything. Whatever the colour scheme of the hotel room, simple and sedate, or off the wall, extravagant and brash, white bedding will blend in beautifully. If a hotel is updating the décor of its bedrooms, white bedding will still fit in post makeover, as it really does go with absolutely everything and their classic elegance will never go out of style.

Hotels have a lot of laundry to do, like a lot. And when all the bedding is white laundry is a lot easier, like a lot. Just pile it all into the washing machine, or several and get on with it. No need to ever worry about colours running into each other.

The psychology of white is such that it makes you think clean, pristine and fresh. Not to say that bedding of another colour isn’t any of those things, that’s not the case. But the fresh serenity of white bedding has a calming and relaxing effect on us. Provided it is absolutely white and pristine that is.

If you want to have your bed looking anywhere as perfect as a 5-star hotel bed we have a few recommendations for you to help you on your way. Firstly if you get creases or wrinkles in your bedding, to remove them lightly spray a little water on the affected area and pulling the bedding tight across the bed so the crease will disappear as it dries. Secondly make your bed every morning. This will give your bed the best chance of avoiding new creases been introduced. It literally takes a couple of minutes to fix up and make your bed before starting the day. Apparently making your bed first thing in the morning when you get up can make you feel happier and more productive. What’s not to like about that? Apart from the fact it's not linen of course. 

Using three sheets is another trick employed by hotels to give their beds the edge over the beds of us mere mortals. Start with a fitted sheet over the mattress, next add a flat sheet as a top sheet, then the duvet (covered with a duvet cover of course) then finally finish it off with a further flat sheet on top.

It is also important to look after your bedding with regular laundering. Obviously a hotel will change the bedding when the room is changing over. At home you should ideally wash your bedding at least once every couple of weeks.

When it comes to duvets and pillows, hotels usually opt for feather and down by default, this really does add to the hotel experience, but feather and down is not for everyone and how far you go to recreate the hotel effect at home is all up to you!