Do Charity Shops Take Bed Linen?

If you’re doing a house clear out there are many things you’re likely to want to offload as part of the process. If bed linen happens to be one of them, there are a few options available to you, some better than others. Not the most environmentally friendly of options, and not something we would recommend necessarily, but you could simply dump them. The better option of course is to deposit them at a recycling bank. Or to donate them to your local animal shelter, they’re likely to accept only bed linen, sheets, blankets and towels.

But if they are in good enough condition, you could also donate them to a charity shop. There are a number of things to bear in mind if you’re planning on donating them to a charity shop. Make sure they’re in good condition, no rips, tears, stains that won’t shift and so on. Whether it’s bed linen, clothes or anything else for that matter, understandably charity shops want the donated items they take in to be in good condition.

Not all charity shops are created equally. Not all charity shops take all products. We’d recommend checking out your chosen charity shop's website to ensure they do take bed linen before taking a trip down with your casts offs, as it may be a wasted trip otherwise. Most charities clearly list what they do and do not take in on their websites. Even if their website does bring clarity and it does state they accept bed linen, we would still recommend giving them a quick call before popping down. Charity shops often refuse certain items if they already are carrying too many of that particular item, or they have too much stock in general at a certain point in time.

If you’ve checked their website and you’ve also phoned ahead, when you arrive at the shop don’t just dump your stuff and run. Engage with a member of staff and have them accept the items formally before you turn on your heel.

Should the charity shop be unable to convert your used bed linen into cash, they will likely ensure their safe disposal to a textile recycling company. Due to the nature of charities, they all have established relationships with textile recycling companies.

A word of warning in relation to duvets. Charities are highly unlikely to accept duvets. They are simply too bulky to store, never mind put on display. There may also be hygiene concerns with second hand duvets, bed linen can more easily be sanitised than a duvet. Charities may even refuse to accept in brand new unopened and unused duvets.

Another bedding-related item charity shops are highly like to not accept is electric blankets.  Charity shops are very particular about the electrical goods they will and won’t accept. If you do have an electric blanket that you’re looking to dispose of, ensure you do so in accordance with the relevant guidelines. You can find out more about them here.