Are Valance Sheets Old Fashioned?

A valance sheet is a decorative sheet border designed to hang down to the floor covering the base of a bed.

Valance sheets are typically available in a range of colours and fabrics. Unlike fitted and flat sheets however, your body doesn’t lie on or even touch a valance sheet. For that reason the main consideration when buying is aesthetics, i.e. how it looks.

Naturally it’s important to ensure you buy a valance suited to your bed size, be that, double, king, superking or whatever you may have. Given that you don’t actually sleep on a valance sheet, it only needs to be laundered very infrequently.

Valance sheets aren’t necessarily old fashioned or outdated. They are most suited to divan style beds. When divan beds are not on trend, valance sheets by default become less popular as they aren’t suited to other types of bed frames.

Divan beds consists of two or more parts, the base is usually constructed of a wooden frame covered in fabric. It is a light-weight structure, but more than sturdy enough to withstand the pressures exerted on it by sleeping bodies! Divan bed bases often feature one or more storage drawers. When a valance sheet is used to cover the bed base, the drawers too are covered.

Valance sheets are not for everyone. And just because you opt for a divan style bed doesn’t mean you need to dress it with a valance sheet. Some people are very happy with the fabric of the base itself to be on show or at least visible.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer valance sheets, but if you're looking for the finest linen fitted sheets, or linen flat sheets, you've come to the right place.