7 Things To Make Your Bedroom Conducive To Sleep

At least half of us don’t get enough sleep. This is really not good. We all know what it feels like to not have gotten enough sleep. An important step in getting enough sleep is going to bed. But what are the little tweaks we can make to the bedroom to ensure that when we do go to bed we fall quickly in to blissful slumber? Well here are out top 7 tips!

1. Keep Regular Habits

Going to bed at the same time every night, yes even at the weekends, let you body knows what to expect and to prepare itself for what’s to come, i.e. going to bed and going to sleep.

2. Let There Be No Light

Be it blackout blinds, black curtains or simply no windows, important phases of our sleep are interrupted and interfered with by light pollution. Hard to believe but light when you’re sleeping can create a sensory disturbance and affect sleep quality.

3. Keep Cool

Sleeping in a cool room decreases and regulates body temperature creating the conditions best suited to good quality sleep. Tossing and turning in a hot stuffy room will do you know good. Open a window if needs be to drop the temperature by a degree or two. As long as it doesn’t introduce noise pollution into the equation, it should be a good move in your drive for dream

4. No Devices

Keep TVs, laptops, mobile phones and any other such devices out of the room. You shouldn’t be using them in bed just before you go to sleep and if that’s the case you shouldn’t need them in the bedroom anyway. Even the little red light on the TV can be annoying.

5. Add Plants

We did a whole post on this recently, add plants to your bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, having plants in your bedroom is not bad for you, it’s actual good for you. Well the right plants anyway. Yes they can emit carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be harmful but only in high doses. Plants emit very little carbon dioxide so check our blog post on the matter and sort yourself out with some soothing plants.

6. Get a Good Mattress

Pretty obvious right? Invest in a good quality mattress. A good quality mattress will set you back a few quid but we cannot underestimate how worthwhile that is. Skimp on the bed frame if you have to, but do not skimp on a mattress. Pocket sprung, foam, latex or all of that combined, the choice is yours but be prepared to spend in the region of £500 to £1,000. If you wait for the sales it is possible to save yourself a small fortune and pick up a good quality mattress for significantly less than standard prices. Typically you can take price as some indicator of quality, but a mattress is something you will probably want to pop down to your local retail park or high street to touch and feel before you commit to a purchase.

7. Invest In Good Quality Linen Bedding

Good quality linen bedding is not just a nice to have, it can have a real and tangible impact on sleep quality. Linen is temperature regulating, it has antibacterial and antiallergenic properties and it can also aid good circulation. So if you’ve successfully ticked off the previous 6 things, don’t falter and invest in an Auden Home linen bedding set.